Flugge-Larsen Wedding Reception

So maybe it was easy to GET the gig doing the lighting and video projection for this wedding reception (it was for my brother and sister-in-law), but that didn’t make the work itself any easier.

Several steps were involved in putting everything together. The bride and groom had hundreds of photos of family and friends going back to early childhood, which I stylized and put together in a series of slide shows that played upon the projection screen during the reception. The lighting during the dinner transitioned slowly from a deep, midnight blue to a brighter maroon and then red-orange.

After dinner had been served and the dance started, the projection and lighting changed, becoming more mixed and reactive to match the music.

Technical Details


  • Graphic Design – Adobe Illustrator
  • Motion Graphics – Modul8
  • Lighting/Video – MadMapper


  • Enttec Open DMX Ethernet ODE
  • 7 ColorBlast TRX – LED Wash Lights
  • 3 ETC Lustr LED LEKO Spots w/ Gobos
  • 10 Chroma-Q Color Charge PLUS
  • ADJ – Hurricane 2D Hazer
  • 3000 Lumen ViewSonic Projector