Mirrored Gnome Birthday Video

Birthday “Thank you” motion graphics music video.

Audio by Röyksopp, visuals by Troy Larsen (Bulldogarf).

A number of years ago, friends of mine started giving me mirrored items after I did a number of parties with large numbers of mirror balls. Every year involved more and more mirrored objects. Then in 2013,  a bunch of my closest friends got together to get me a mirrored gnome. The thing is insanely amazing, so I knew that I would need to do something amazing with it. The first result is this video.

To create the video, I took a number of different shots of the gnome from different angles and with different lighting (as well as some with fog surrounding it). After creating a number of motion compositions in Modul8, I brought them all together in iMovie for some quick editing and synchronizing with Royksopp’s Happy Birthday track.

Thanks, you guys!

I have the sweetest friends!