AIA – EV321 – Development

Development process for American Institute of Architects reception lighting and motion graphics installation.

In 2014, the American Institute of Architects held their annual convention in Chicago and had a number of associated events and receptions coordinated with it, including the Global Inclusion Reception (EV321). It was held in the Häfele Chicago showroom space and I was chosen to create the lighting installations and manage the video projection.

As this was one of my first major lighting projects and there wasn’t much budget for the production, I chose to experiment with wire grid pieces and extruded aluminum rails to create the support structures for the light fixtures. While not appropriate for large installations, these worked just fine for the two 9-foot tall pieces used for the event. These were also interesting objects for a crowd of architects. Each tower supported five small LED can lights, two laser projectors each and one LED panel. Each was DMX controlled and operated in tandem for more sophisticated sequencing and effects.

The other major lighting piece (affectionately named “Jellyfish”) was a simple installation that I had created in my home studio and was made of aluminum rails and sheer fabric panels. This piece was suspended from the ceiling by thin steel cables.

Another aspect of this event was a large video projection that was used for both aesthetics as well as presentations that were given by some of the featured guests and sponsors. Before and after the presentations, I created live mixes of motion graphics that also incorporated logos of all the event sponsors and the colors were adjusted to match the lighting.

The event was a tremendous success, very well attended and did much to benefit The Leapfrog Project.

Many thanks are extended to Lira Luis for having me be part of this event. I’d also like to thank the following for their assistance and/or time getting everything accomplished: Jonathan Swanson, Greg Cross, Eugene Rivera, Sherry Kaye, Ty Lefevre, Scott Robery, John, Ali & everyone else at Häfele – Chicago. This installation could not have been accomplished without such great assistance.

Troy Larsen

  • Coordination
  • Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Assembly
  • Audio/Video Editing

Assembly Crew: Jonathan Swanson, Eugene Rivera, Ty Lefevre, Scott Robery, John, Ali

Greg Cross – Photo/Video
Lira Luis – Event Coordinator

Technical Details


  • Graphic Design – Adobe Illustrator
  • Motion Graphics – Modul8
  • Lighting Control – QLC+

Equipment Utilized

  • Enttec DMX USB PRO Mk2
  • 14 PAR Cans RGB (86 diode)
  • 1 ADJ Revo4 RGBW
  • 2 ADJ RGB Profile Panels
  • 4 RGB Crystal Motion Domes
  • 6 LSR Mini Laser Projectors
  • 3 ADJ DP415 Dimmer/Switch Packs