FlexiFlex Demo Room

Development process for temporary installation of motion graphics and lighting showcasing the FlexiFlex product line and its development.

The Project

For the 2015 Open House, RGB Lights wanted to have a demo space set up to show the various development stages of their FlexiFlex product line. I recommended the idea of using video mapping of samples of FlexiFlex to showcase the pieces to have a more dynamic presentation. The following video shows the basics of the project and more details are available via the remainder of the article below it.


The Story

FlexiFlex Sample Pieces for 2015 Open House

The FlexiFlex product line had gone through several iterations over the years so I first went through physical samples of the various pieces and chose the best ones for the project and photographed them for documenting purposes. After selecting them, I worked with the company founder and marketing manager to create graphics and lighting that would work with the narrative that they created.


Several steps were involved as follows:

  • assembled a rectangular arrangement of small truss to act as a ledge supporting the FlexiFlex samples
  • installed the portable FlexiFlex demo that is used for off-site marketing purposes
  • installed iCove wide-beam fixtures along the underside of the truss and back vertical supports of the Flexi demo
  • positioned the Flexi sample pieces on top of horizontal ledge
  • routed audio to a stereo speaker system
  • Because the projector was located in the back corner of the room and was pointed at an extreme angle, major keystoning was required. A minor amount of experimentation was required to align everything perfectly before adjusting everything in the mapping software.

    Software Setup

    • mapped the FlexiFlex vertical demo panel to a VSM (Video System Manager)
    • utilizing MadMapper, mapped the relative positions of each fixture with the projection which would illuminate the sample pieces and presentation area above them
    • created motion graphics in Apple Keynote that included entire presentation and color changes for each fixture
    • rendered final work to Quicktime video file
    • imported video file into Modul8
    • used Syphon to send video to MadMapper, which then sent the mapped video to the projector and the DMX signal to all of the fixtures

    Once everything was in place and aligned, the colors were adjusted to have the projection match the FlexiFlex and iCove fixtures. The entire process from start-to-finish took about 24 hours over the course of three days, including presentation design and production.

    Technical Details


    • Graphic Design – Adobe Illustrator
    • Motion Graphics – Keynote, Modul8
    • Lighting/Video Mapping/Control – MadMapper


    • Enttec Open DMX Ethernet ODE (1)
    • iCove – Wide Beam (35)
    • 50-node Gen 2 iFlex LMX LED Strand (12)
    • 3000 Lumen ViewSonic Projector (1)