Horror@Facets 2022

Multiple large format print and DMX lighting installations, including selfie stations, window displays and signage.

This project was designed to completely transform the public space of Facets Multimedia Center at 1517 W Fullerton Ave in Chicago, IL for their month-long horror film festival. This included swapping out all major lighting using bulb/fixture replacements and creating custom-designed installations. Each element was unique and based upon a corresponding film that was part of the festival.

This event was designed and produced over the course of three weeks, including the following steps:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Facets staff input/confirmation
  • Final design
  • Product/materials procurement
  • Print sourcing/production
  • Cutting/finishing
  • Test assembly
  • Lighting programming
  • Wiring, testing
  • Packaging and transport to site
  • Final assembly
  • Finishing materials/tweaks

The Elements…

The following is a quick-edit, creative montage walk-through of the entire space…

Entrance, Def by Temptation, Lobby Selfie Station

The outdoor entrance piece was constructed was made of a black, mesh fabric, purple and orange LED lights and black corrugated panels cut into angled shapes. Everything was suspended by lightweight aluminum rails attached to the existing light fixtures, which also provided power.

Def by Temptation was a self-standing foam core print incorporated into a custom light fixture box and support structure. Standing behind it was a custom fabric hanging piece to replicate the ambience of the original movie scene.

The lobby selfie station was inspired by and uses an image of the main character from the horror classic film, “Eyes Without a Face.” The main body of the character is illuminated from the front and the neck and head mostly from behind (the head is set back slightly). The custom backdrop is supported by two tripods, is illuminated by a four foot chase light behind it as well as the hanging single fixture in front. All lighting is controlled by DMX signals.

Popup Bar Decor & Lighting, ParaNorman

The Popup Bar is primarily a combination of “relic” props, signage and lighting changes. The request for this area was to emulate the curio shop in the Buffy, the Vampire Slayer environment.

ParaNorman was represented by another standalone custom foam core print, utilizing the same support system as Def by Temptation, but used different fabric and cob web elements as finishing.

Hallway Lighting, Stir of Echoes, Studio Lighting (w/bats), 3D Coraline Selfie Station

Towards the back of the building is a hallway that leads to restrooms and the emergency exit. This needed to maintain a minimal level of safety lighting so brighter, but color-appropriate bulbs replaced the house lighting while still giving a creepy vibe.

The concessions area was transformed via a hanging, large format installation. It used a combination of a 4′ x 8′ vinyl banner and foam core sections, cut, finished and bound together. Temporary magnetic hooks held everything to the large metal HVAC ductwork above the concessions counter. To finish the mood, everything was illuminated by a single violet, flickering LED bulb and a hanging, amber bulb for effect.

The final space (known as The Studio) contained two separate installations. Ambient lighting was provided along each long wall by custom linear sconces that illuminated 150 3D bats mounted above them.

The last item is another selfie station and is based upon the major promotional graphic from the film Coraline. It was designed as three layers and contains separate LED lighting for each layer, from front to back. A ceiling-mounted fixture is also used to illuminate guests when taking selfies.

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