Living Ball – Leapfrog Project

Illumination of scale model installation by Atelier Lira Luis, inspired by Japanese Marimo balls.

Living Ball by Lira Luis

Knowing only rudimentary details in advance anything about the actual structure, a selection of simple RGB lighting fixtures and a single HD projector and supports were chosen to design and produce something same day. GarageCube’s Modul8 and MadMapper software were used to transform the model into a very dynamic object after dusk.

Technical Details


  • Graphic Design – Adobe Illustrator
  • Motion Graphics – Modul8
  • Lighting/Video Mapping/Control – MadMapper

Equipment Utilized

  • Enttec Open DMX Ethernet ODE
  • 12 PAR Cans RGB (86 diode)
  • 2 ADJ RGB Profile Panels
  • 3000 Lumen ViewSonic Projector