All major portfolio work selected and assembled onto one page with related break-out links.

Ads, Flyers & Invites

Templates & Tutorial Graphics

Web Graphics

Backgrounds, Illustration & Misc


Most items in this section overlap the following sub-categories as all documentation pieces are examples of video editing and/or motion graphics.

Motion Graphics – Commencement Video

A specialty, looping presentation video that is now used during the opening of each College of Liberal Arts & Sciences commencement ceremony at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Individual images were modified or broken apart in Photoshop as separate layers and then set to motion in various ways for a more dynamic and interesting representation of student life at UIC. For easier updating in the future, it was assembled and animated in MS PowerPoint. Following is a 5-minute sample. Actual presentation is approximately 40 minutes.

Video Editing, Mapping & Lighting

interFACE Installation

motion graphics, lighting, structures…

FlexiFlex Demo Room

motion graphics, video editing, lighting, video mapping…

Photo Work

Extensive color/exposure correction of thousands of images. Blended composite images created in Photoshop. Photography of interior and exterior building shots, random individuals, scheduled classroom shoots, special events and specialty panoramic images.

Composite Images

Standard Photography


Image Library Development

Adobe Lightroom is my tool of choice and I have used it to manage and adjust thousands of images. In order to make better use of an existing 30k department image collection, it was used specifically to organize it and then the content was transferred to an online system (Libris by PhotoShelter).

Following are the primary steps used for developing the library:

  1. Copied all images from shared server folders to local hard drive 
  2. Created Lightroom library for organizing all images
  3. Researched online hosting options
  4. Shared findings with administration staff for review
  5. Purchased subscription to online system (Libris by Photoshelter)
  6. Researched image library best practices
  7. Developed draft proposals for file naming standards and keyword selections
  8. Fine tuned keyword selection
  9. Populated online system with images
  10. Developed tutorials and user guides


University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Scott Rozman – website graphics
  • Myrna Romero and Jannie Kirby – print design and social media graphics
  • Ron Versetto – image library administration
  • Agnes Herget – approval of Commencement Motion Graphics Intro Video
  • Brian Roessler – approval of Fall Open House print projects

Gene Siskel Film Center

  • Jean de St Aubin – approval of installations
  • Dionne Smith – planning and logistics


  • Todd Schuldt – store manager, OfficeMax
  • Lira Luis – organizer, Leapfrog Project & AIA Reception

Additional references available on the Testimonials page.
Email and phone information for references available for most individuals upon request.

UIC Direct Supervisors

UIC-LAS Administration

Gene Siskel Film Center