Sample Books

Following is the process for creating sets of paper sample books and binding option books:

  1. Designed both outer covers and internal graphics for each type of paper sample and binding options book.
  2. Output separate PDF files for each page with 2-up layout for each.
  3. Printed associated sheets on large-format printer (24” wide roll, including various glossy, matte, canvas and vinyl options).
  4. Upon printing, rough cut each sheet down to size for handling.
  5. Laminated cover sheets.
  6. Hand-trimming of two edges of each sample to create consistent alignment for next step.
  7. Ream-cutting of each additional cut en masse so all sheets were exactly the same.
  8. Spiral bound each book individually.

The layouts for the large format media sample pages were designed to also create square pieces that were then affixed to flat, laminated sample sheets that sat upon the counters for customers to examine.