Fillable Form for Storing Small Items

Acrobat PDF Form designed to be printed, folded and stapled as a simple container for small objects that includes description info on outside.


I found this idea extremely helpful when working in a public printing department. Customers would routinely leave their flash drives and other small items behind so this simple solution worked perfectly for quickly keeping track of these objects.

Design the Sheet

Decide how large the finished and folded piece needs to be. This will determine what size of paper you need to use. If you only have access to 8.5″ x 11″ paper and/or that size of printer then your final piece will be limited to about 1/4 of that. There are different options for folding and stapling so determining the needed size first is generally the best approach.

Finish in Acrobat

Once the design is complete the only other step is to open it in Adobe Acrobat Pro and add the different fields that will work best for your needs.

If you routinely need to keep track of small pieces of hardware or parts,  this is a simple, yet effective option if you have page layout software and Adobe Acrobat.


Now when you need to file a small object just open the PDF form, fill in the info and print. Once it is printed, just fold along the lines, place the object in the center and then staple.

Of course, the design can be anything as long as the layout for folding and stapling stays the same. What ideas do you have for usage and/or design? Leave comments below. And if you’d just like to use the form shown in this post, you can download it at the link here.

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