Specialty Printing Display - Summary Graphic

Specialty Printing Display

Development process of re-purposing a display area by designing, printing and producing items to showcase specialty print products for store’s printing department.


The area was previously used for the ink refill station but the machine stopped functioning and the decision was made to no longer offer said service. Considering this area was adjacent to the printing department, I suggested that we re-purpose the space as an area to showcase specialty printing abilities.  The store and district managers gave the go-ahead, so I moved forward with the project. 

Original Space


  • Measure Space
  • Layout & Design
  • Content/Photography
  • Large Format Backgrounds
  • Multiple Foam Core Pieces
  • Applying Hook & Loop (Velcro)
  • Mounting Processes
  • Final Assembly

Measure Space

Layout & Design

The upper squares were designed to draw attention to the printing department from across the store. The lower area was designed to support a number of different types of printed samples. Both were designed to be easily updated with new content when necessary by using hook and loop fasteners (Velcro). Simple spacing templates were created to ensure consistent and accurate placement of the square Velcro pieces.

Content & Photography

Also part of this project was the need to use a more scenic selection of images. Other than a couple of stock photos from the company, all of the imagery used in the printing samples are original photos mostly shot in Chicago.

Large Format Backgrounds

For the upper area, the original graphics pressboard pieces were flipped around backwards and re-used. Because the size of the backing boards was wider than the maximum width of the printer, the background was designed as two separate pieces that were layered with a separate inner section for each board.

Multiple Foam Core Pieces

Several small squares of foam core were cut and then layered to support the inner sections of the main display signage as well as the lower area portions. The small black pieces were permanently glued to the large original press boards. Later on the smaller, centered prints will be be attached to these foam core risers.

Applying Hook & Loop (Velcro)

Printed paper templates were designed to simplify the placement of the different Velcro pieces that held the artwork in place. In some cases, the background prints had the placement locations designed into them.

Mounting Processes

For the enormous original back pieces, the inner, smaller sections had their prints attached with foam core spray. And then Velcro was used to attach them to the small black foam core risers.

Final Assembly

The lower area required the removal of existing shelves and then the use of durable cable ties to attach the chrome display parts. Attached to these were pieces of foam core and then the print samples were attached to them using Velcro.

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