Strip Keywords from Images Via Adobe Bridge

Quickly remove all keywords from images via a metadata template in Bridge.

Sometimes when downloading images from stock photo libraries or receiving them from photographers, extraneous keywords will be embedded as metadata in your files. Depending upon how they are going to be used, this can be a problem and it may be necessary to remove some or all of them. Creating this simple metadata template in Adobe Bridge makes the process incredibly quick and easy and can be part of a regular workflow when adding new images to your library system.

Create the Template…

Notice the excess and incorrect keywords embedded in this image file.

Excess & Incorrect Keywords

To remove all keywords in one step, create and use the following Metadata Template in Bridge.

Create Metadata Template menu item

The keywords are shown inside the info of the template.

Keywords shown inside template

Name the Template

Template Name Created

Delete all keywords.

Keywords Deleted

Check the Keywords box to make the template delete any keywords.

Checkmark Activated

Save the Template

Save Template

To remove keywords now just select your files to change and choose the template that you just created.

Choose Template

Notice that all keywords are now deleted from the file.

All Keywords Now Deleted

Share the Template…

To share this (or any other) template with another person or to add to another computer, open any of the templates through the Tools – Edit Metadata Template menu.

If you’d like to skip the process below and install the template on your system, scroll to the end to download a copy of it. Go through the steps though if you need to learn where to install the file.

Click upon the dropdown menu.

Choose “Show Template Folder…” from the menu.

All templates can be copied and shared.

The folder/directory path to the template folder.

Downloadable Metadata Template File

See the section above for installation instructions.